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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year, New Projects

We've spent the last couple weeks of the year recovering from all sorts of viruses and allergies, but finally found each and every person in the house well enough to start the new year and tackle new projects. I'm not sure what the kids' new projects are, unless it involves making terrific messes and lots of noise, but I think they have the resolution to clean up after themselves a bit more.

My new project, though, is to follow the tutorials in a set of books that my Grammy left me, called "Stitch by Stitch." The photos and examples are oh-so-1980s, but the basic skills are addressed and some of the pieces are timeless: scarves, baby blankets, and table decorations. At any rate, the goal of following the lessons are not to create completely useful items, but to master the skills.

I'm not the most coordinated person in the area of fine motor skills, so this was frustrating at first. There were lots of attempts and tries at yarn tension and needle holding/yarn holding. It sounds strange, but I think everyone has to figure out the best way that their fingers work.


But, eventually, the creative instincts kicked in, and I've started creating a decent looking crocheted fabric. The pink piece on the left will eventually become a scarf with pockets at each end. The piece on the right with the white border was just using a piece of extra yarn that Helen gave me to try out a double-crochet fabric and then to try out using crochet to make a border (can also be used to make a seam).


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