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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Second Week of December

It has been an interesting week here. I spent much of my free time finishing up home-made gifts for friends and family, which finally got to the post yesterday. Now I have some costumes to repair for the Christmas pageant, and then a sweatshirt to make for Helen. Our Christmas cards are slowly going out. I think I've done all of five and one of those is still sitting here waiting for a stamp!

On Wednesday, the girls wanted me to take them out, so they could do their Christmas shopping. It was very cute, seeing them walk around each other in the store, trying to find each other gifts, without the other seeing it. Well, that's what the girls were doing. John just kept finding things that he wanted for himself, and then melting down because I said 'no'. He's also having a problem keeping out of the presents under the tree, and then the girls get all upset because he's moved them. I remember why I hid all the presents until the last minute when the girls were three and four years!

It rained heavily here this week. The roof still leaks. I guess the upshot of that is that Rudy has finally given me the okay to re-roof the house. I just hope that no permanent damage is done while we weather these rainstorms, as I can't get a new roof until the dry season comes.


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