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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Cards

Ah, Christmas cards. For so many years, you were coveted and treasured by me, but now, I feel that they are one less thing I need to do each year. With the exception of my non-techie relatives, it seems redundant to send out a card with a newsletter detailing the events of the year. With environmental concerns, it seems wasteful also. And, as my dear husband points out, it is also a little bit disingenuous if I do a mass mailing to everyone with the same information.

So this year, under the heading of "Less" I will be giving up Christmas cards and starting afresh on the notion of blogging on a regular basis. Although there are no cute babies to photograph in this household anymore, I did realize that they (the children) produce an incredible amount of artwork, writing, and other creations. Between the two Blogs, I hope to share those, and in many ways, to catalog their little accomplishments. For today: our home-made Christmas cards.


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