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Monday, December 24, 2012

The anticipation of Christmas builds. I'll know we're really close to the actual day of, when the emails stop flooding my inbox offering unending discounts and advantages.

The presents are arranged under the tree now. I've had them in hiding for several weeks, to keep the two-year-old out of them and to save my own sanity. Despite the lack of presents under the tree, the girls wrapped and stacked up their own little packages and Helen has persisted in asking if she can open "Just one." This must be an instinctual behavior, because she must know what's in each of the parcels she wrapped up, and the ones her sister wrapped (and they are all toys and books of theirs anyway).

We have nothing planned until this afternoon, when we will migrate to our church and the children will perform their roles in the now traditional St. Clement's Christmas Pageant. The girls are all angels this year. John is listed as a sheep, but he is not very receptive to the idea. Afterward, we have a nice family dinner planned with the Grandparents:
  • Citrus and thyme salmon fillet
  • Honeyed carrots
  • Hawaiian sweet bread
My sweet mother in-law is bringing salad and dessert, so this should be a fairly easy-going dinner party.


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