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Saturday, December 29, 2012


It only took a day or two of the "food lover's cleanse diet" before I was a suspect in some sort of weird food conspiracy by my dear husband. Yes, he figured out that something was different: where were the white-flour breads and pasta? So, I had to make some concessions (like cooking a pot of rice or spaghetti with each dinner), but other than that, everyone is on board with this diet and it's going well.

Yesterday, we ate caramelized onion omelets, a salad made from leftover bean salad and leftover salmon, pears and goat cheese, and stir-fried bok choy with a marinated tofu (served with white rice instead of the brown rice pilaf suggested). Not bad.

Today, we tried making the spelt flour pancakes, which were absolutely delicious with the maple applesauce. Lunch was an ahi poke that DH made, served on spring mix greens and with a red cabbage slaw. Our snack (that only Helen and I ate) was pear and apple with Greek yogurt and a bit of honey. Dinner was the best though: Cider-glazed chicken breast and broccolini with chili-garlic infused oil. Even Rudy ate it!


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