The Accountant's Garden

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Friday, March 23, 2012

 Spring is here again and the iris are starting to bloom. This one is rather enthusiastic, with about 10 bloomstalks. I have a couple others, but just with one or two stalks up. Still, it's early for iris; they usually bloom April-May.
 The girls have been enjoying several practice Easter egg hunts, as the weather allows. Last week was pretty wet, but this week has dried us out nicely. More rain on the way, though!

Sunny the cat enjoys the back yard, too. He loves to frolic around with the kids, which is a most un-catlike thing to do.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I apologize for my lack of posting this past week. I haven't lost interest in the program... I just had a pulled muscle in my back and some other problems. Actually, the pulled muscle was the biggest issue last weekend. However, I do have an updated menu grid.

Last week, my grocery shopping was a little spontaneous. I made one trip to Whole Foods, to stock up on my favorite vegetarian items: Tofurkey veggie sausage, Yves' veggie bologna, veggie roasts and chicken cutlets by Gardein. We didn't eat all those items, but the total was $27.95.

We also made two trips to Target, where groceries were purchased. I say "we" this time because DH accompanied me, perhaps adding more to the cart than I would have, but food is food and he does need snacks (V8, canned soup, and cheese). The amounts from those two trip equal $69.48 and $54.84, plus we did spend $12 at the Farmer's Market last Sunday.

All in all, this week's grocery total is... $164.27.

Now, let's talk about rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Currently, you need to have a Safeway card to cash in on their savings, which is fine, but you are trading them all of your purchasing information. This could be bad or good. But I've heard, for those of you living in more suburban areas, that Safeway also gives cents off gallons of gas for the Safeway purchases you make. My father-in-law saved $0.30 per gallon, which is probably about $4.50 for him.
  • Lucky offers the same reward, but at various Shell stations around the area. Shell is usually 10 cents higher in price, though, but I did save $0.25 per gallon after a couple of weeks - $2.50.
  • Whole Foods does have a Wellness Club that you can join, which gives you 10% off certain brands in their store. I doubt it covers the veggie meat substitutes, but if it did, that would be about $2.70.
  • Target offers coupons, which are usually quite good and targeted at your purchasing history. After our last visit, I received $4.75 in coupon offers, $2.50 that I will use. You can also sign up for their credit card, which gives you 10% off every Target purchase. I guess that would have saved me $12.30 this week... but I don't want another credit card.
  • Does Piedmont Grocery offer any reward programs? I'm not even sure they take coupons.

I have more markets to try out. I'm up for either Berkeley Bowl or Village Market this week, although I think the amounts will be considerably lower than average because we have a stockpile of food from last week.