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Thursday, December 01, 2011

More about chores and kids...

We're at the tender age of pulling everything out of the cabinets and getting into every dangerous item in the house. Well, John is at that age. It is nearly impossible to do anything in the house with him awake in the house, and even if I'm just concentrating on him, he is still doing the dangerous and messy.

But what to do about keeping up the house? I have to accept my limitations, I guess, and my limitation is that I can only work while John is asleep. That gives me 2-3 hours in the early afternoon on most days. And I think, for everyone's sanity, John and I need to be out of the house before nap and sometimes, after nap. He's just too precocious.

I also have found that I dislike doing the same chore every day. I don't like the idea of cleaning four days in a row, or doing one load of laundry every day. And while I don't mind doing the extra task here and there on the weekend, I really like to keep those days open for other activities. So, the current schedule I am working on is:
  • Monday -- Housecleaning
  • Tuesday -- Laundry & paperwork
  • Wednesday -- Gardening & outdoor chores
  • Thursday -- Laundry & paperwork
  • Friday -- Housecleaning


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