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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I read once that you should limit yourself to trying to accomplish only five tasks per day. I often wonder, is that in addition to a standard job or does that include work. And then I forget that I do work (not for pay), caring for three young children. You know, we stay-at-home mothers would have to hire two or three people to replace us, should we just evaporate. (Nanny, cook, housekeeper and gardener)

Back to the idea of five tasks: I usually end the day, staring at a list of uncompleted tasks, and feeling rather frustrated because of it. But what about the things I don't write on my to-do list. I think many people take for granted what they do accomplish, and choose to focus on the failed attempts (myself included).

In an attempt to foster more positive feelings, I thought I would (1) seriously try to keep to just five things on the to-do list, and (2) make a note of all the other things that got accomplished that I just wave off as normal. Yesterday, I...

  1. Emptied the dishwasher and cleared the sink
  2. Cleaned out the refrigerator
  3. Took out the compost waste
  4. Cleared a clogged toilet
  5. Got three kids ready for morning outings
  6. Cleaned up miscellaneous clutter
  7. Took two kids to camp
  8. Participated in one exercise class
  9. Spent time with landscape contractors (twice - once on plants, once looking under house for watering wires.
  10. Read books (several times throughout the day)
  11. Picked up two kids from camp
  12. Made lunch (and cleaned up after)
  13. Cleaned off patio and washed patio furniture and toys
  14. Vacuumed kitchen and dining room
  15. Bathed three children
  16. Put three children to bed
  17. Washed dishes and cleaned up kitchen
  18. Sorted, stain-removed, and started kids' laundry
I guess that's a few more than five. Today, I'll focus on trying to do a few more things that will have more of an impact on people; things that will make other people happy.