The Accountant's Garden

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

 Ah, Mother's Day... again. Only this year, I have three little people who are trying to say "thanks for taking care of us... every day... all the time." Oh, and let me pull your hair a bit and scratch your eye. All before 7 AM, folks. I really didn't expect to sleep in or get breakfast in bed.

 I couldn't have asked for a nicer day, though. Although it's cool and breezy, it is amazingly clear. I had a very nice bike ride (alone!) once I got everyone settled in the morning. I've given up on the idea of any triathlons this year, but I still love riding that bike. 

 I may spend some more time out in the yard today. It is really lovely, though there are still a fair number of weeds. This week, I was allowed to mow it. Mowing 2200 square feet of lawn with that old rust-bucket of a mower sure is a good workout, but I could do without the 100 feet of extension cord required. Maybe... since it is Mother's Day... I'll ask that we buy a cordless electric version.

 Besides being an excellent month for gardening, this May we are working on getting financial and other miscellaneous paperwork-type items in order. We have way too many accounts; best to consolidate them into a few. We also have a stagnant, 10-year-old business that needs to be shut down. And, we all need passports! So, I am working on these multiple-step projects, hoping to complete them before month-end.

 The kids are keeping me busy. The two older ones have started swim lessons and I am determined that both of them should be able to swim before the summer break begins, since many of our vacation weeks will be spent in Copperopolis, hopefully being poolside.

 As soon as our month of "paperwork" projects completes, I think that the next task will be to spend some time cleaning out closets and getting items donated or recycled. Some items are in good enough condition that they could be sold, for a nominal amount, and that would be useful in funding my purchase of a bicycle trailer for John (and maybe Helen, too). It would be nice if we could get around town more using the car less. I halfway imagine toting the kids to summer camp and then bicycling over to boot camp with John, but I worry about all the hills around here. Sometimes, I can hardly make it up them with just myself!