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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I have to say that yesterday was rather peaceful. I alternated every hour, between chores and doing things with the kids or for myself. Since there was a large amount of laundry, some of it is still unfolded and another bit of it is in the dryer, but worse things could have happened.

What's more important is that I really felt like I engaged with the kids all day. No one got on my nerves by asking too many questions (until the very end when I was scrambling to get dinner on the table), and I think overall, the kids had a good quality day.We read, did art projects, visited the park, played on the patio, and they even did some of my indoor workout with me.

So... can I pull that off again today? We have school today, plus I have an appointment, making the time at home a lot smaller. Basically, there will be one hour for chores this morning, and a couple of hours this afternoon. Since the chore is to change and wash the linens, I guess it's possible. I'll burn through at least two hours getting kids to school and picked up from school. I have an hour long run/walk planned for this morning, to be followed with that appointment.

I'd better get going then.


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