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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work: Part I
It's gardening day, if the weather cooperates. Actually, since showers are predicted later today, it's the perfect time for a necessary gardening chore: fertilizing. A light rain helps the nutrients dissolve into the soil, better reaching the plants. I'm also going to tackle weeds, both in back and in front. I have a new weeder and another pair of gloves, so therefore, no excuses.
Oops! It looks like some old bulbs are pushing through into the new lawn area. I'll add "get-the-shovel-and-dig-up-bulbs" to my list of things to do in the yard. But where to put them?

Work: Part II
The weather is NOT cooperating and the "chance of rain" has turned into a steady light rain. So, the weeds will just have to wait. I did get a few dug up and some fertilizer spread.

Exercise: Part I
I'll take advantage of that time between Kindergarten drop-off and preschool drop-off to take a walk. And, I'm trying out the Dailey Method later this morning. More on that after I'm done with my "Basics" class.

Exercise: Part II
I have mixed feelings about my first Dailey Method class. It was definitely not easy, but it was a totally different type of exercise for me. I was anticipating that it would be more Yoga-based and it was not. There were lots of isometric, static exercises and small movements within those holds. It was interesting. John didn't do well in the child care. We'll try again, maybe with his sisters along to take care of him.

Today's theme is "Meat & Potatoes" so I'll be roasting some potatoes and root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, and beets), then serving that along with a Quorn Gruyère Chik'n Cutlet.


At 12:36 PM , Blogger tempdisplaced said...

I'm so jealous about your bulbs! I think I need to wait at least another 4 weeks for any inkling over here...
Will keep you blogged :)


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