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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last week's chore schedule worked out pretty well. We did have to run a load of laundry on Thursday or Friday for John, but that's what happens when you have babies... they make themselves messy most of the time. Today, we are back to laundry. The girls have the day off from school for semester break, so we spend one hour working on the chores and one hour doing fun things: reading, playing, exercising, eating.

We need to visit the grocery store, too. I was hoping to have them help me with a meal plan. I was feeling rather lazy, due to being overwhelmed, so I scrimped on making soup and bread yesterday. I feel like we should do that today. Helen and I made smoothies this morning, and that was a different breakfast treat for us.

Smoothies are really easy, and a great way to get your kids their servings of fruit and maybe some vegetables. Basically, our ingredients were:

1 part fruit
1 part juice
1 part yogurt

Traditional smoothies use 2 parts yogurt, but that makes it harder for little ones to drink it, I think.


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