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Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's the second Sunday after Christmas, which is not the usual progression in the Christian calendar. We were reminded today in services to take this extra time to remember the gift of the Messiah to us - and also - that this gift is given freely, through God's grace, and not something that we earn.

This message reminded me that so much of what we have, what we count as our blessings, are gifts from God. As much as we want to think that we are in charge and that we earn our way, it's just not true. Some people work very hard and have nothing and others work much less and have way too much. And it's not about that anymore. It's about working with what you are given to learn the lessons that God wants you to learn.

He draws us closer, as one drawing water from a well.

I'm still thinking about the new year resolutions. How are the gifts given to me to be used? Do my resolutions fulfill those goals? I think that being present in the process meets that description, as does simplifying details and spending more time reading. Running races is a competitive process, so should be removed. Keeping up the house and yard... well, that falls somewhere in the middle.


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