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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'm rethinking some of my daily routines, as there seems so much to do and it just isn't getting done. This ends up being a feeling of failure, or at least incompleteness. I like the 4-day rotation that I'm using for meals. Today, we're back to Japanese; a good day to go grocery shopping, since you end up with the freshest ingredients. The avocados were green, though, and the fish was not high quality, so I ended up with tempura shrimp.

Anyhow, shopping was completed for (1) Japanese meal, (2) Stuffed shells, (3) Chicken scallopini with potatoes and broccoli, and (4) the "Everyday Cassoulet" from my Betty Crocker cookbook.

So, 4-day rotation for everything: how would that work out?
Day 1: laundry, grocery shopping
Day 2: gardening
Day 3: cleaning
Day 4: bill paying and other administrative chores


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