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Saturday, January 01, 2011

First Day of 2011

A new year starts today, bright and shiny, without any blemishes or missteps. Thinking about resolutions, I had milling around several ideas for a couple of weeks. They involved complex strategies and plans, lists and systems, and all those neurotic details that I love to consume myself with. Then I started feeling overwhelmed and returning to my avid dislike of the "New Year's Resolutions."

We were having lunch yesterday - a simple lunch of rice, tamago, sashimi and edamame - and it dawned on me that I did not need complex lists and strategies to fulfill one of my desires for the new year. I just needed to add simplicity.

That being said, here are my resolutions for 2011:
  • Incorporate a whole foods diet for the family. This means buying fewer processed and packaged goods and eating foods in their natural state.
  • Spend more time reading, by myself and with the children.
  • Find a regular babysitter, for all three children, and have regular, designated "Date Nights" with my husband.
  • Follow through projects for myself, without getting wrapped up in the details or getting worried about the results, like: the half marathon or triathlons, dinner parties, and social events.
  • Just be present in the process, instead of focusing on the end results.


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