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Friday, January 07, 2011

Day 3: Gardening. Walking. Meat & Potatoes.

Yesterday's project went okay. We had a baby power nap in the first part of the day and a play date in the second part of the day. Not everything got done, but some of the more important aspects were finished. I patched nail holes, rearranged the furniture, and cleared the drawers/closet space that John will be able to get into soon. I still need to rehang the artwork and clean wall scuffs, but maybe we'll have more success with that today.

I'm meeting friends for a walk this morning, putting off running until my leg feels better. I should have plenty of time to spend outside today, working on the front walks, the patio and the back yard.

Part 2: Results

Exercise: I had a nice 45-minute walk with the baby and friends. I followed up with 45 minutes of Yoga practice at home in the evening. I think I will start walking the kids to school again, but we'll have to start in small increments, so that E can walk.

Gardening: While the baby napped, I cleaned up the leaves off the driveway and front walks, then trimmed the hydrangeas and cut down that awful Ficus tree. I cleaned up the leaves on the patio, too, plus added shredded redwood to the planter full of iris that the cat continues to dig in.

Food: Sour cream mashed potatoes, gardein™ chick'n scallopini, and broccoli. Very easy and everyone liked it. Boil the potatoes, drain, then mash up with butter and sour cream; add green onions if you like; pan fry the veggie chicken cutlets; and steam the broccoli.


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