The Accountant's Garden

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Monday, October 11, 2010

The new plants are in! That big greyish patch in the middle is where the new lawn will go, but for now, we are working on ridding the yard of unwanted grass and weed species. The plants and bark went in last week, and last weekend I replanted most of the iris. Elizabeth and Helen helped.

All of the plants are small right now, but should grow big over the next couple years. We have English Laurel in the back, for a staggered hedge. Facing the street and in the parking strip, we have Star Jasmine. In the yard itself, we have Rosemary, Lavenders, Autumn and Mexican Sage, Tea Trees, Princess Flowers, and some other shrubby, flowering bushes.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Our yard renovation started this week, and we're all very excited. It's way more exciting than doing it ourselves, as there's a lot of work going on back there with big machines and picks and axes. Last week, or maybe week before last, I spent a few hours digging up Grammy's iris - three bags full after they were all trimmed and split.

After 1 Day: Lawn cleared and soil conditioners brought up.
After Day 2: Soil conditioners mixed in and stumps removed.

After Days 3 & 4: Most of the trenches for the irrigation system are in. Old irrigation valves have been removed and replaced with new piping and eight new valves. It's hard to see, but the lawn border is also installed.

After Day 5: There are still trenches open, where the irrigation system is going in, although most of the sprinklers are in. There are even sprinklers up on the hill! And there are sprinklers that will be down at the parking strip below! (We tore out the old Juniper bushes there and will be replacing them with Star Jasmine to match the neighbor's house-front.)

We've gone from a back yard full of weeds and dead lawn to a yard with cleared, conditioned soil and laid out lawn borders. Next week, the crew finishes up the sprinklers, installs the automatic timer to the valves, and the new plants come in!