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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was reading some really old posts last night, dating from before the birth of my first daughter. I'm sure that my blogging has decreased in correspondence with my increase in tweeting. Funny, right?

Three months to go until Baby Winnacker #3 arrives, and I am getting out of my regular routine now. Exercise is just not happening any more. I'm not really sure how other women keep up really rigorous routines, unless perhaps, it is that they are (a) younger and/or (b) having their first. I am still exercising, but it doesn't involve anything high-impact or longer than 30 minutes.

In fact, everything has been sort of delegated into this "30-minute" category. I only do housework or yard work for these 30-minute stretches, because I find that any longer, and serious pain develops in my lower back and pelvic girdle.

So...13 weeks remain. That seems like a long time. And then again, it doesn't. With two little girls running around and a big house and yard, most of my days are pretty full. I just made a list of all that I want to accomplish before the baby arrives, and I find that I am already up to 12 items. 12 ITEMS! Since I will be lucky to accomplish even one of those per week, I had better stop.


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