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Friday, February 12, 2010

When I started this blog, it was entitled "Mr. Slinky's Gardening Blog" as the cat pretty much owned whatever he was around. This morning, my friend Mister Slinky, passed away. When I say "my friend" I truly mean that. He was mine and I was his; from the moment we met. He was a friend in the truest sense of the word, being my protector and comrade for our nearly eleven years together.

I adopted Mr. S (a name given to him by Rudy, who thought Slinky was too silly sounding) from Tri-Valley animal rescue around March, 1999. I was living by myself for the first time and needed someone to keep me company. He was sick and isolated, scheduled to be euthanized, but he held out his paw to me through the grate on his cage, beckoning me.

He was a good companion. If I was away too long, he would "talk" to me about all that had happened while I was away. We always slept in the same bed, even after I was married. He seemed to find a way to squeeze in. And he would guard the house, and me, keeping watch and following me around, especially if someone unknown was in the house.

He did have his faults. He was a messy cat, as many of you have heard from me. He was a strange cat, too, having a fascination with licking plastic (plastic bags, envelope windows, mylar balloons, anything). He got in lots of fights and was troublesome at the vet's office. I suspect that his undoing was that he got in a fight with a larger animal and had his back broken.

Despite all that, I have never had a more faithful and true friend. And so, I say a very sad good-bye to Mister Slinky, hoping that he is at peace in whatever heaven awaits our feline friends.