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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I read recently that one should take at least two days off every week from exercising, to let the muscles rest and revive. I totally agree and was forced to take Sunday off because of the rain.

Monday, March 2, it was still raining. Without success, I attempted to go to Baby Boot Camp, but class was canceled. I did run approximately 1 mile around Lake Temescal and got thoroughly soaked. I came home and completed a combination of squats with a shoulder press, lunges with some added side kicks, push-ups, and regular and oblique crunches. Each time I ran, it started pouring rain, so I again got thoroughly soaked, but I did manage to squeeze in two more 1/2 mile runs.

Will try to make it to Boot Camp today - again - but the large patch of dark clouds are not making me feel optimistic at this point.


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