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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another "Bird Walk" - this time at the Martinez Regional Shoreline. This is an easy walk, with flat, gravel-paved trails through marsh and along the shoreline of the Carquinez Strait. We didn't see a huge amount of birds, but there were a few. One of the interesting points on this walk was the decomposing hull of the schooner Forester.

This wasn't too interesting for the girls, but it made for a good picture. They found it more interesting to pretend to be Herons, peering into a pool, searching for tadpoles and small fish.

Later, we looped around the duck pond and I had to explain several times why we couldn't feed the ducks (like the other people were doing). The other people left. I felt bad, but that's probably better for the birds, anyhow.


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