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Friday, January 30, 2009

At last, today was Friday and that meant another hike with East Bay Moms. I just had Helen with me today, in the backpack, but that didn't make this hike a walk in the park. The weather was gorgeous though, and I do love this often-overlooked park in the Oakland hills.

We did a 4-mile loop, starting at the main entrance to the park, marked prominently by signs for the Woodminster Amphitheater. The hike starts out easy enough going along the Sunset Trail. Along this route we noticed just mounds of ladybugs - cuddling - as we told the kids. We climbed up the rather steep Cinderella trail to the Sequoia Bayview Trail, which winds around quite a bit. I had been on this particular hike a couple times, and our group leader, Lee, always looks for the mysterious "Big Trees" trail but never finds it. Since we were only three today, we explored an unmarked trail which turned out to be Big Trees. This takes you up and out through more beautiful pine and redwood groves. After this, we return to the Sequoia Bayview Trail and then make a quick descent on the Sunset trail back to the starting point.

Once again, this is a beautiful park right in Oakland. In addition to the wonderful hiking trails, there is a great paved walk with breath-taking views of the bay on closed-off Sanborn Drive and a great playground for the kiddies.


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