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Monday, September 15, 2008

More summertime fun...

Hand in hand at the Oakland Zoo (June 30):

At the straw house of the "Three Little Pigs" at Oakland's Fairyland (July):

Visiting Grandma's house, and her cat, Shadow (July 19):

A day at the beach in the Marin Headlands with East Bay Mom leader Lee (July 25):

So... I still have many photos from over the summer from the camera phone to publish. Since it involves both girls, I guess I will use my blog (that way I can avoid describing how horrid my back yard looks right now). These particular photo are from May 20 and were taken at the preschool playground at Hampton Field near our house.

Elizabeth and Helen both love playing in the sand. And they both love to pretend that it's someone's birthday, so making pretend birthday cakes out of sand (yes, in the dump trucks) is a natural pursuit.