The Accountant's Garden

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Our patio garden is doing exceptionally well this year, thanks to my little garden helpers. In addition to the front landscaping project, we are trying to grow more of our own produce at home. I wish I could say that it was more productive, but at least the girls are getting a lesson in farming.

Elizabeth helped me grow from seed: tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, winter squash, lettuce, corn, basil, thyme, green onions, spinach, peas, and green beans. So far, he have gotten all of four zucchini out of this effort. However, there are some promising little balls on the tomatoes and squash plants. The lettuce looks about ready for an initial harvest and the beans and peppers are about to bloom.

Both girls help me water the plants, although Elizabeth is much better at actually aiming the watering can or the garden sprayer. Spiders and ants seem to be working well as natural pest control this year, and the only critters that really do harm to the plants are my own cats (they are currently fenced out of some containers).

Friday, July 25, 2008

What have I been doing with my time?!?!

One project this summer was to remove the lawn in the front of the house. There were several reasons behind this decision. First, we are being asked to conserve water. Second, we have had an unending problem with dog owners using our front strip of vegetation as a dog toilet. Third, it seemed like a lot of money to pay our "gardeners" - and I use that term liberally - to mow nothing (grass under Oaks doesn't grow very fast) and blow the leaves into spots where they thought I wasn't looking. And lastly, our contractor broke the water controller while fixing our wall (remember the wall that someone drove into/over?) and the lawn died.
So, good-bye lawn with old, crazy sprinklers. Hello drip lines and beautiful drought-resistant plants. Oh, and the plants are deer-resistant and grow well under Oak trees. Shown in various photographs are: Mexican Sage, Catmint, Lamb's Ears, Shasta Daisies, Lavender, and other various Salvia species. I am also digging up some of my Bearded Iris from the back yard, although this is the wrong time of year to do so.

It looks a bit bare, but there are seeds sprouting in there as well - alyssum, poppies, dwarf zinnias, plus cornflowers, statice, and cosmos. Only one dog calling card so far. But it was quite an undertaking, planting all the way from the Doyle's house down to the Abel's house. I didn't ask Mrs. Zito...oops!
Oh, and remember the wall that got run over? Well, it's been rebuilt, thanks to our trusty contractor Stewart Smith. The painters never showed up, though, so I have begun the arduous task of painting the new shingles. I have the primer on...more primer next week and the real paint.