The Accountant's Garden

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I love Springtime. And I love the proliferation of large, perennial wildflowers in the back yard. I am still struggling to fight off the weeds and blackberries, but their presence is offset by a tremendous sea of poppies and daisies. I was astounded at the re-blooming of my foxglove, as I thought that they were bi-annual bloomers.

The cats love the yard, especially prowling about in the tall grasses that I have yet to cut down. My latest strategy for the yard has been to just go with what I know works: California wildflowers and the tall Bearded Iris that seem to grow just about anywhere. This Autumn, I will plan on splitting and redistributing my iris, which should be just about the time I finish up weed whacking the yard and trimming back the various hedges and shrubs.