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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rudy sneaks in a photograph of me, out in the garden, pulling weeds. This isn't momentous or interesting, except that I had the girls outside while I was gardening. Now that is amazing!Elizabeth and Helen took turns playing with the dump truck and the tricycle out on the back lawn. There was a brief interest in helping me, so Elizabeth removed sticks from the lawn, placing them in the dump truck until it was full enough to dump in with the weeds I had collected.
Helen didn't eat anything or tumble down the hill, so I feel like she is better able to be outside with us. I'm sure it will be more fun for them when they are better able to help me, or at least entertain each other playing ball.

Ah, the weeds! There's so many of them, and I worry that I will not get them all out before the spring bulbs bloom. This is troubling, because the weeds are sometimes taller than the bulbs!


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I know that feeling well weeds outstripping the bulbs and the worst part is it can happen in just a couple of days very frustrating


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