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Monday, December 10, 2007

Now for some serious back yard business - terracing the hill under the Oak tree that keeps most of my iris. I've become increasingly frustrated with trying to keep this area clean, weed-free and properly maintained. Most of the difficulty lies in accessing the hillside; therefore I have decided to make some level areas along its slope.

It's slow going, because I can usually only add 15 or so stones at a time, Mondays and Thursdays when the girls are over at day care, weather permitting. Not only is it hard work to get the stones in my car and up the hill into position, there is a whole lot of weed-pulling, leaf-raking, and earth-moving that goes along with it. I anticipate that I will be moving bulbs as I go, too.

After 1 day:

Work on this project was canceled on the last yard work day, due to rain. I was out, chopping down the overgrown weeds, despite the sprinkles. So day 2 started this week, the week of December 10th. 12 stones, some edging, and a few plants moved around. I do more than that, adding bark to the yard here and there, and working on massively overgrown spots.

After 2 days:


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