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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Beginning...

Elizabeth and Helen began the day's entertainment by watching "Teletubbies" on YouTube. When they tired of that, Helen began experimenting with the computer - "Are you sure you want to eject the boot disk 'Betty HD'?" Glad we caught that one in time!

The Middle...

Our adventure for the day consisted of a morning trip up to Angels, where we were just in time to see folks lining up for a "Holiday" parade. The girls got a kick out of the horses and we had a nice breakfast at a local diner. Since the parade pretty much closed off traffic to the downtown area, and packed a whole bunch of kids and people in the local park/playground, we visited Rite Aid and purchased a fake Christmas tree.

The End...

Oh what fun you can get from a plastic tree, two packages of candy canes, and some home-made ornaments (construction paper, glue, glitter, stickers). The girls just had a ball making the ornaments and then placing them on the tree. Helen especially liked the candy canes and was running back into the kitchen to Daddy to get more.
What sweet girls; they ended the evening with some home-made carrot cake and drifted off to sleep quickly after that.


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