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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yesterday, Tuesday, our only goals were to visit the library and (for me) catch up on some household accounting. I did complete the accounting goals, but we were unable to go to the library, as a naughty little girl pushed her sister and was sent to her room.
On the accounting issues, it sure was good to take a good look at all our accounts. I am reminded that there is a finite amount of disposable income in this household, especially having a second house now. I think I will get rid of the Costco membership; it just entices one to spend too much money under the pretense of "a really good price." I think that even the good deals we get on large purchases could be equivalent elsewhere, with sales and my Discover Card, which can give me 2% - 5% cash back on purchases. (Another reason for me not to shop at Costco, which does not accept Discover Card, where I like to keep all my purchases for tracking purposes.)

Today, Wednesday, I have contracted an extra day of care for the girls, so that I may focus my efforts on Nekko projects once more. I have at least four projects - some big, some small - that need to be completed, preferably this morning. If I'm lucky, I may even get some time to spend attacking the weeds in the back yard.


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