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Monday, September 24, 2007

Time is so short these days, it seems. I've been meaning to write to friends and family for so long, but can hardly managed to keep up with my everyday life - which of course, now includes two toddlers, eager to explore the world.

I've been hoping now, so hopelessly behind in correspondence and thank you letters, to just send out an email newsletter (using our own, home-grown software, of course), but I haven't found the time to compose that yet. Hopeful that I will create that newsletter, and have it link to these blogs, I want to track my daily activities, if only so that I can feel like I'm getting something done while I neglect my relationships with friends and family.

Today is Monday. Here's what we've done today:
  • Showered, read email from mom, ate breakfast & drank coffee.
  • Put dishes away from last night's washing, washed more dishes, and put them away too.
  • Stripped bed & laundered sheets & remade the bed.
  • Got two little girls up, changed, dressed, combed, fed, and off to day care.
  • Created microsite for Hill Physicians (Nekko business).
  • Completed three separate code change lists for Abbott (Nekko business).
  • Closed my old checking account at Wells Fargo.
  • Transferred funds to cover new car purchase.
  • Made & ate a healthy lunch.
  • Called about getting a babysitter for an upcoming event.
  • Completed two more loads of laundry.
  • Picked up miscellaneous clutter around the house.
  • Completed yet more revisions for Abbott (disk arrived today full of new images).
  • Got elevator repaired.
  • Picked up girls from day care and raced through Costco to pickup household necessities.
  • Got tired girls fed and ready for bedtime.
  • And...last but not least...made this silly post.
Now, there are still little tiny baby socks and Cheerios scattered randomly throughout the house and my car, but all in all, it's been a day that I think I can be proud of. I have leads on more Nekko projects coming in, so my back yard plans may never come to fruition. But, you never know, I may have one or two free days to remove weeds and plant more flowers and bulbs.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the rooms I painted! All the new windows are in, and the rooms are painted, and the new window coverings are up. That was the project for summer.


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