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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Elizabeth and Helen's new room:
Elizabeth was particularly impressed. After viewing the new yellow and orange walls she said, "Neat" and then, "That's amazing." She spends more time in her room, playing on her bed with her puzzles, books, or stuffed animals.

So...why the sudden interest in redecorating the inside of the house? Well, I figured that if we were replacing the old wood-frame windows, that we might as well paint and clean. Or, well, clean, clean, paint, clean, paint, then clean some more. Anyway, besides the paint, most of this was decorated using items already in the house.

I have also painted and decorated the play room (photos soon) and I'll be re-doing the master bedroom, just as soon as that last set of windows gets replaced. In September, I'll be back to gardening, attempting to clear the mess of weeds and bloomed-out wildflowers from the yard.


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