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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The girls and I visited Big Trees State Park this weekend, just East of Copperopolis. These trees amaze me; they have survived hundreds or thousands of years, through fire, drought, frost, and rain. Of the large Sequoia Redwoods, their root structure can extend over an acre. Yes, an acre!

We have been so busy recently. Many big projects for Nekko have come in, as well as a big project here at the windows. True, most of the old wood-frame windows were replaced by the former owners, but the last of the wood windows were beginning to leak, so here we are, installing new windows.

It's not as easy as it might sound. The new windows come in large sets, to replace the old large sets, so they are heavy and bulky. The old materials must be removed first, of course, and then finish work needs to be completed inside and out, then they trim must be painted, and I thought, hey! while we're at it, lets replace the blinds and paint the walls in the rooms where the windows are being replaced.

I tell you what, it's slow going with two babies. I figure we'll be all done with the whole project by the end of August. I guess I could take before and after pictures, since there seems to be so much time between project milestones.