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Monday, January 01, 2007

This post, lilke many things in my life, is a day later than I had planned. It's been a year of adjusting; to new children, to new activities, and to a much different lifestyle. I've put my career on hold, to stay home with our wonderful children and our beautiful house.

As we start 2007, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude. So many blessings have been granted and small miracles have been witnessed. I watch with glee the wonder of Christmas reflected in my daughter’s eyes, and look forward to their realization of the deeper meaning of the holiday.

As I read the Christmas story to the girls last week, I started to tear up, wondering how tired and exhausted Mary must have been and how she must have been filled with awe to hold that little baby – the Christ child – in her arms. I remembered the precious few minutes holding each of my beautiful babies, exhausted, but amazed.

Each day is filled with wonder, and I’ve made a concerted effort to watch for the little miracles each day, not getting caught up in the hectic pace of managing children, home and work. I’ve neglected calling and writing to friends and family, I’m sad to say.

However, these moments will not last and will not be repeated. I apologize for all of you that I may have forgotten to return calls or letters. Please know that we all are doing marvelously well, albeit under some hectic circumstances.


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