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Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's too wet outside to garden, but inside, we have our beautiful Christmas tree. I do actually get to enjoy the tree again this year, this time while I feed Helen in the evenings. Our tree is covered completely in unique ornaments, most of them made by friends and family, and collected over the years.

Outside, hints of green are starting to appear in the garden as bulbs start to push up through the soil. I'm looking forward to next year's blooms, despite the fact that I've found some of my bulbs back out of the earth (squirrels perhaps?).

It's been an amazing year. No, it's not over yet. I still have holiday baking and Christmas cards and presents to wrap. Those are all fun tasks, for the most part, and the girls are more and more helpful with my housekeeping (except for the explosion of toys and other items that continually spread themselves throughout the house).


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