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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I don't usually post pictures that include myself, but I figured that since the girls' photos are all over the Internet, why not? Here we all are, trying to get an appropriate picture for our Christmas cards. This one didn't make the final cut.

So, Elizabeth is 19 months old, Helen is 3 months old, and I just realized that I'm almost 32. I think...I keep having to add up the numbers to check on that one, because it just doesn't seem possible. Remember when 30 years old seemed ancient and impossible?

Everything is going well, except that I have a distinct shortage of time. I have a long list of friends to call and catch up with, I need to post to these blogs, and I have all the usual home-making, baby-caring duties along with the holiday hustle and bustle. I'll get there. Look for your Christmas card - it may be the next photo you see of the babies!


At 1:33 AM , Blogger tempdisplaced said...

Great photos of you and the girls!
I'm grateful and in awe that you had the time and energy to post them. Thanks!


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