The Accountant's Garden

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

So, the countdown begins. A little early this time around (I'm currently at 34 weeks) - but I've managed to hurt my back and my activities are extremely limited. I can read, care for E, and take pictures of my garden before the weeds take over. I do go out and cut off the dead blooms (if I can safely reach them) and make sure that any supplemental watering gets done, but it's a far cry from my usual garden activity.

34 Weeks: In 3 more weeks, I will be full term; but in 6 weeks I will be at the anticipated due date. Since the last baby was a week late, the doctor anticipates that I will go all the way to the due date this time around (I'm hoping and praying that she is wrong and this baby gets here ahead of schedule).

What does a normally active and busy person do to not go crazy when they are told not to do anything? Remember, going crazy is not an option. Well, I usually take a couple naps during the day (luckily, E still takes two naps). I have a stockpile of magazines to read, saved up from when I was "too busy" to read them. And I have oodles of recipes to organize into binders and a vast seed collection that needs thinning.

I can hardly wait for the new baby to arrive. I think I'm ready. I know it will be hectic - I remember those first few weeks with E were all over the board. Some days I am anxious for her arrival, other days I am nervous that I will be overwhelmed with meeting the needs of two little people. And then I remember what it's like to hold a brand new baby...and how wonderful and magical it has been to watch the first little baby grow up.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

There has been a terrible accident, and it involves my hair. Yesterday, I ended up with a hopeless mess that I would describe as one giant rat's nest after gardening. So, that was it! No more hair - too much brushing, braiding, washing, and shedding.

I feel like it still needs a little touch-up, much like my flowers after I go through and clip off the spent blooms and old foliage.

Friday, June 02, 2006

As many of you know, I am no longer a "real" vegetarian, as I do eat fish and shellfish. Recently, there has been a lot of worry about the mercury levels in fish, especially when it comes to pregnant women. I found this website (courtesy of Google Ads in my gmail): It's definitely worth a read, especially if you are truly concerned about your diet.