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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day #3 of Unemployment: I've never been without a job or employer, so this is a brand new experience for me. Of course, I am a full-time child care provider/cook/housecleaner/gardener for my family, but that doesn't pay too much :) At least, the compensation is not in dollars.

Today was filled with a prenatal appointment (yes, that means a trip to the wonderful world of Kaiser), a little planting and weeding in the back yard, some light housework, and a nice walk to a nearby park for lunch and a stop at the grocery store on the way home. Not bad.

Day #2 started with a bit of emptiness, which was quickly filled up with yard work. Day #1 seemed pretty normal, since I would have had the day off anyway, but I spent time baking instead of frantically trying to get the household chores done. I suppose this is a good thing, since I am now officially in my third trimester and should probably consider taking it easy.

The house is in the midst of being painted. Boy, what a job! There's sanding and scraping, then repairing and primering, and finally, painting. I still need to pick a color, which I am trying to figure out with some digital photography and PhotoShop.


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