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Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's still Mr. Slinky's Garden...he just lets me take care of the plants. Here he is, shown with some of the iris and spider lillies from my grandmother's garden. There is still a huge unplanted space on this hill, so I need more iris!

Here are a few more iris, which will be in the center of a ring of dutch iris. The dutch iris and crocus are just starting to poke through the ground, which is encouraging, since most of my yard still looks like a barren lot.

This is the side of Elizabeth's "pink garden" that is closest to the street. Again, most of what I've planted are bulbs, and are not yet above ground. My seedlings are coming up in their pots on the patio, but still mostly unidentifiable, so it really wasn't worth taking a picture.

It's threatening to rain here tonight and tomorrow, so I went out and scattered some Alyssum seeds throughout my bulb patches. Some other tasks for any gardeners in the bay area would also include transplanting seedlings and scattering time-release fertilizer throughout your beds. I would have done this today, but ran out of gardening time (it's now baby time and soon to be dinner time).


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