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Sunday, November 13, 2005

It rained here this week, so gardening was a little tough. Most of the rain arrived on Tuesday, which is typically the day I spend out in the yard. So, I did a little work inside the house to get ready for the holidays and just make the house feel a little more comfortable. The big improvement this week was cleaning up the music room (Rudy's bedroom while growing up), which was just a mess - cobwebs, stained carpet and no real organization as a room. Now, it actually is nice enough to want to hang out in (photo above).

I set up a little reading corner for Elizabeth and I. The big deal was moving the china cabinet out of her room - it's a little dangerous for a child's room, especially here in earthquake country. But now that I've moved it, I've found that it actually fits in well in the TV Room (now reading room) and provides a great shelf for books and things. Also of note is the rocking chair, which was my great grandmother's, from the days when she would play Mrs. Santa Claus at Dayton's department store in Minneapolis.

Although it was a little wet this week, I did get out in the garden to pull weeds, trim back existing plants, and put in the last bulbs from my grandmother's garden. I went out this morning to just check on everything and found these little green shoots popping out of the ground everywhere. Success!

I can't wait until the Spring!


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