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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday is gardening day for us now. I've spent most of today planting bulbs in Elizabeth's "pink garden" - tulips, lillies, daffodils, crocus, sparaxis, anemones, and allium. Of course, the bulbs are all underground, so it looks like I haven't done anything except run drip lines and set stepping stones. I also spent a fair amount of time spreading shredded redwood on the back hill, pulling (or tilling) weeds, and finding the border to the small round of lawn farthest back in the yard.
I have some other tasks left to do before the day is done. One chore is to go up to the front of the house and mow the sad little parking strip lawn. The other chore is a little more fun, and that is to plant more seeds in containers (below, a shot of my current seedlings).


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