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Thursday, July 14, 2005

We finally decided to watch a movie now that we have our entertainment center working. On the advice of many people, we rented the movie "Sideways." I have to say, I was entirely disappointed by the movie's content. It was not funny, with the exception of a golf scene. In fact, all of the characters were lacking in redeeming qualities and a couple scenes were borderline pornographic. While that may be titilating to several members of the population at large, I found it grotesque.

In other news, Elizabeth has learned how to roll halfway over - from her back to her side and vice versa - and she can now coordinate grasping toys and maneuvering them to her mouth. We are also planning a vacation (at last!), and will be visiting Italy, France, and England. I have many hours standing in line to look forward to...hopefully, Elizabeth doesn't get too big for her soft carrier!


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