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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Today, I was feeding Elizabeth, watching MSNBC, and I realized that even on a news station, I didn't want my daughter hearing most of the advertising. An ad came on for Cialis, and sure, it's innocent enough now, but I don't want to explain to my four-year-old what erectile dysfunction and sexual activity mean. And you know, children will ask.

I'm starting to tire of our society. At every instance, I turn around and am confronted with advertising about either my appearance or my sex life, neither of which are really that important in the grand scheme of things. It seems that Americans have become obsessed with how they look, what they have, and whether or not they are going to have sex, while the rest of the world nearly starves.

Even in my daily life, I think I am disappointed. I work for a marketing firm and we just got two new clients. Hooray! I think. I mean, what should I think? One is a cosmetic surgery practice and the other creates breast implants. Again, money that could be used to feed or medicate many of the poor is wasted on women who want smaller noses and bigger breasts. Why?

I've been having a difficult time with returning to work, as much of my correspondence has indicated. I've been having a difficult time with many aspects of my life, and I'm wondering if it has to do with all the external influences that I feel are wrong. Would I be more happy if I stayed at home and grew my own food and sewed our own clothes, rather than pondering whether the baby's clothes, which are "Made in China," were sewn by some mistreated little girl in a dirty factory or whether some underpaid Mexican picked the strawberries and cantaloupe that I have in my fridge?


At 6:08 AM , Blogger Kathy said...

Everything seems worse when you don't get enough sleep. How often does your baby get you up at night?

Having--and raising--a baby is like taking all the cards of your life and reshuffling them, and then dealing out a new hand. You are all out of sorts because you are not the same person anymore, and you're not the same couple anymore. The twosome has become a threesome. That doesn't explain away your concerns, just puts them in a bit of context. You will gradually find a new equilibrium, but it will take a while.


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