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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I spend so much time on Elizabeth's blog and taking endless and unnecessary pictures, that I haven't had time to keep this site up. Okay, so I am really busy between baby care, keeping up the house and working (now up to three days per week). And soon to get busier, as I start on my backyard gardening project. So, here are some updates...

Gardening: I have managed to kill many of the plants inside and outside of the house, with the exception of those that are either most visible or extremely hardy. The backyard is a terrible mess, and I feel awful for my neighbors who are staring at a brown lawn. However, we are working on plans to raze the backyard landscaping and construct an Italian-style garden so that I can have bulbs and herb and any vegetables that I can get to grow in this climate.

House Maintenance: We have many big plans for the house, which include painting the exterior and replacing the last of the old wood-framed windows. But for now, I have a nice routine to help keep the house in top shape (plants excepted). This involves having the following on each level: comet, sponge, disinfecting wipes (buy at Costco for the best value), and microfiber cleaning cloths. Combined with a microfiber mop and central vac, the house is clean in no time.

Meals: No gourmet meals have been served here at Winnacker house. In fact, I haven't even been making my own bread or sweets. Right now, we're just trying to get dinner on the table without too much fuss or crying. Our favorites: lasagna (make ahead while baby is sleeping), taco salad, shrimp pasta, and barbecue.


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