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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ah, Summer has arrived! It is very warm here, especially for the East Bay hills, but the house is doing a good job of staying cool. We may need to retire to the lower levels a little later, depending on how well we thwart the heat with fans and lowering blinds.

The baby is taking a nap in her crib, for the first time. I keep reading that your baby should sleep in the same place as much as possible. We usually let her just fall asleep wherever - in the car, in her bouncer seat, on the floor - but, according to the baby-raising literature, this is a sign of an over-tired baby who isn't getting enough sleep. Not that E is a cranky baby anyway, but I guess every bit of sleep-scheduling helps.

Other than the baby, house and home are okay. I still have projects to complete, although it's too hot to do the gardening I had planned for today. We are also having a problem with fleas, and they are just having a field day chomping on me. I totally blame the cats, and I have ordered better flea control treatments for them. I guess I will need to flea-bomb the house (again!) but it sure beats getting eaten alive.

Today, we are having simple fare - faux chicken burgers, topped with mozzerella and tomato, and coleslaw, for lunch. For dinner we will be having taco salad with fake ground beef (texturized soy protein). Coleslaw dressing: 1 cup mayonaise, 1+ Tbsp rice wine vinegar, pinch of sugar, plus 1 tsp whatever spices you feel like adding (I use celery seed and summer savory). Taco salad: grilled onions and ground beef (Yves Ground Round for vegetarians) atop lettuce, tortilla chips, avacado, and tomato plus shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I spend so much time on Elizabeth's blog and taking endless and unnecessary pictures, that I haven't had time to keep this site up. Okay, so I am really busy between baby care, keeping up the house and working (now up to three days per week). And soon to get busier, as I start on my backyard gardening project. So, here are some updates...

Gardening: I have managed to kill many of the plants inside and outside of the house, with the exception of those that are either most visible or extremely hardy. The backyard is a terrible mess, and I feel awful for my neighbors who are staring at a brown lawn. However, we are working on plans to raze the backyard landscaping and construct an Italian-style garden so that I can have bulbs and herb and any vegetables that I can get to grow in this climate.

House Maintenance: We have many big plans for the house, which include painting the exterior and replacing the last of the old wood-framed windows. But for now, I have a nice routine to help keep the house in top shape (plants excepted). This involves having the following on each level: comet, sponge, disinfecting wipes (buy at Costco for the best value), and microfiber cleaning cloths. Combined with a microfiber mop and central vac, the house is clean in no time.

Meals: No gourmet meals have been served here at Winnacker house. In fact, I haven't even been making my own bread or sweets. Right now, we're just trying to get dinner on the table without too much fuss or crying. Our favorites: lasagna (make ahead while baby is sleeping), taco salad, shrimp pasta, and barbecue.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

We finally decided to watch a movie now that we have our entertainment center working. On the advice of many people, we rented the movie "Sideways." I have to say, I was entirely disappointed by the movie's content. It was not funny, with the exception of a golf scene. In fact, all of the characters were lacking in redeeming qualities and a couple scenes were borderline pornographic. While that may be titilating to several members of the population at large, I found it grotesque.

In other news, Elizabeth has learned how to roll halfway over - from her back to her side and vice versa - and she can now coordinate grasping toys and maneuvering them to her mouth. We are also planning a vacation (at last!), and will be visiting Italy, France, and England. I have many hours standing in line to look forward to...hopefully, Elizabeth doesn't get too big for her soft carrier!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Today, I was feeding Elizabeth, watching MSNBC, and I realized that even on a news station, I didn't want my daughter hearing most of the advertising. An ad came on for Cialis, and sure, it's innocent enough now, but I don't want to explain to my four-year-old what erectile dysfunction and sexual activity mean. And you know, children will ask.

I'm starting to tire of our society. At every instance, I turn around and am confronted with advertising about either my appearance or my sex life, neither of which are really that important in the grand scheme of things. It seems that Americans have become obsessed with how they look, what they have, and whether or not they are going to have sex, while the rest of the world nearly starves.

Even in my daily life, I think I am disappointed. I work for a marketing firm and we just got two new clients. Hooray! I think. I mean, what should I think? One is a cosmetic surgery practice and the other creates breast implants. Again, money that could be used to feed or medicate many of the poor is wasted on women who want smaller noses and bigger breasts. Why?

I've been having a difficult time with returning to work, as much of my correspondence has indicated. I've been having a difficult time with many aspects of my life, and I'm wondering if it has to do with all the external influences that I feel are wrong. Would I be more happy if I stayed at home and grew my own food and sewed our own clothes, rather than pondering whether the baby's clothes, which are "Made in China," were sewn by some mistreated little girl in a dirty factory or whether some underpaid Mexican picked the strawberries and cantaloupe that I have in my fridge?