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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I had forgotten that I had even finished my last post. I hope it makes sense.

Elizabeth is growing so quickly...she has learned all sorts of new tricks and is starting to get coordinated and be able to focus on objects. We spend time playing on her little play gym, but she still isn't able to grasp any of the hanging toys. She does enjoy looking into the little play mirror and grasping her own hair, though.

We've started reading to her in the evenings before putting her down in her crib. She doesn't really understand the "book" or "story" concept, but does enjoy hearing Pop and Mommy's voices. Plus, the baby experts say that beginning to read to little ones early helps promote a love of books.

She is almost too big for many of her newborn things - most notably clothes. Occasionally, she will stretch completely and pop open the snaps on the footed sleepers. Her other newborn item is a co-sleeper (about the size of a bassinet, but flat and fits in a regular bed or crib), and she either scoots out and over the bottom (or side) or pushes against the top and bottom, so that will soon be unavailable. I'm trying to get her to sleep in the crib without it - so far so good for naps.

It's good to be back to work, but I find that I'm much more interested in little Elizabeth. Every day she does something new, or at least too cute to go without praise. I never knew that I could be so enamored with another little person or so committed to someone's well-being. Raising a child really is a rewarding experience, especially once you get past the first six weeks and get used to committing all your time, energy and love to that child.


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