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Sunday, March 06, 2005

This has been a beautiful weekend - wonderful weather and just the right amount of visiting and time spent at home. The weather is giving us its first glimpse of spring, with warm, sunny afternoons and cool evenings. Perfect weather for barbecuing, opening up the house, and getting some new plants.

Today, we decided to try using the barbecue to prepare some shrimp skewers, oysters and mussels. The first challenge was finding all the parts to our Weber barbeque. Apparently, we lost one of the legs and the ashtray during the move. So, off we went to get a new barbecue (just like the last one, only intact and not rusty) - I guess it was about time to do that anyway.

As it turns out, it was also a perfect day for buying a couple necessary plants for the garden - one tomato plant, basil and oregano. I was set to plant them in pots, but was overcome with the need to take a nap after eating all the great food we made on the new grill! The excellent weather is supposed to last all week, so hopefully, tomorrow, those new plants will get started in their new homes.


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