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Friday, February 25, 2005

All the hard accounting work is done. I've sat for my two CPA exam sections (and done reasonably well, I think) and prepared my tax returns for the year. Now, its just a matter of time until our baby arrives...and time is really going by slowly. However, I'm trying to enjoy catching up on a couple last reads and my last nice dinners (either self-prepared or eaten out).

I reached another milestone this week - I turned 30. It's strange, moving into a new decade. There are so many things I accomplished in my twenties, which I think were making up for lost time in my teens. I can't complain about my progress so far: MBA, strong career, wonderful marriage (and new family on the way), and a beautiful home. I do realize, though, that all these things were made possible with the help and means of others, and for that I am extremely grateful. I was feeling a bit blue, as I have recently sacrificed some career advancement in exchange for our baby, and it's been slow going on the CPA credential, but I think it's probably worth it to be part of a great, new life.

So, keeping things in perspective, I have accomplished quite a bit, and hope to make a better contribution in the coming decade by providing the best foundation for the next generation of our family.


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