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Friday, February 25, 2005

All the hard accounting work is done. I've sat for my two CPA exam sections (and done reasonably well, I think) and prepared my tax returns for the year. Now, its just a matter of time until our baby arrives...and time is really going by slowly. However, I'm trying to enjoy catching up on a couple last reads and my last nice dinners (either self-prepared or eaten out).

I reached another milestone this week - I turned 30. It's strange, moving into a new decade. There are so many things I accomplished in my twenties, which I think were making up for lost time in my teens. I can't complain about my progress so far: MBA, strong career, wonderful marriage (and new family on the way), and a beautiful home. I do realize, though, that all these things were made possible with the help and means of others, and for that I am extremely grateful. I was feeling a bit blue, as I have recently sacrificed some career advancement in exchange for our baby, and it's been slow going on the CPA credential, but I think it's probably worth it to be part of a great, new life.

So, keeping things in perspective, I have accomplished quite a bit, and hope to make a better contribution in the coming decade by providing the best foundation for the next generation of our family.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Only a few days until my next sitting for the Uniform CPA exam (next Tuesday, 2/8). I came to the conclusion today, while playing hookey from studying to clean my hummingbird feeder, that I am not really that interested in the CPA exam. Yes, I love my profession. Yes, I have spent so much time and effort and money to get this far with getting my CPA credential. But I feel like life is taking me in a different direction.

Pregnancy is really tough on your body and mind. And I have a textbook easy pregnancy. No complications - I'm not over-age, over-weight or prone to any bad conditions (excepting the incredibly gross varicose veins). You just aren't yourself for nine months. And now, as the actual physical weight burden increases, I'm finding it harder to do things that I usually take care of myself. Vaccuming stairs is one issue. Going to strange places alone is another. I can no longer move, stretch or twist in any kind of interesting way.

But I am really excited about our new little family member and every little kick and movement that I feel the baby make reminds me of that. And I really like where we live, now that we're settled (mostly) and the weather is getting a little nicer. It's really hard to focus on a career or employer when I have so many exciting and new things happening at home!