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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Instant upgrade...

I finally made it out on to my balcony and replaced last season's very dead flowers with some bright new primroses. It also helped to sweep up the accumulated pine needles and other detritus from the area. I still have many other areas to work on in the garden, but it felt good to get my hands in the soil again.

So, I realized the other day that we're turning into plain-old, family-aged homebodies. Some of our friends are still partying like they're in their twenties, but we seem to be getting more out of listening to old records or enjoying reading a book and listening to the rain. (I'm enjoying the book reading now, as I know I probably won't get this opportunity for quite a few years).

This was a photo taken of me staring at one of the local squirrels that taunts the cats. Mr. Slinky has been getting better at hunting, though. Watch out, squirrel!


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