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Thursday, September 23, 2004

One of the most annoying side-effects of being pregnant is the "morning sickness" factor. Though I usually have a cast iron pot for a stomach, these past few months have been difficult due to the seemingly constant queasiness. So today, I decided I should try not taking my prenatal vitamins. It may be a coincidence, but I do actually feel better today. No morning sickness so far, and I actually feel like I have a little more energy. So far I've had a regular breakfast, a mid-morning snack, and eaten a wonderful (non-spicy) Thai food lunch.

Just to curtail the worries of my mother, I will let you know that I'll take the prenatal vitamins at night...that way I can be asleep while they do strange things to my stomach!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Now that my botanical gardening has been temporarily halted (due to being in a temporary living space), it's been difficult to post entries. However, we have been working on a different type of growing and nurturing. We are pleased to announce that Baby Winnacker is on the way!

Today marks the beginning of week 11, and I had my first prenatal appointment today. It was a routine visit, which included reviewing blood test results, a sonogram (picture below), and a prenatal counselor. All of the staff were very nice, and I am quite pleased with the doctors and nurses at the Oakland Kaiser facility. Everything is progressing normally and all tests have yielded good results for health.

Growing a new life is exciting and challenging. So far, I've been extremely fatigued and have generally felt "strange" in the region of the stomach. Other than that, I've managed to keep up with most of my clients, although I have dropped two in the past month. Mostly due to stress and time concerns, the decrease in clients actually works out for the best and we're both happy with the decision to keep my "low stress" clients that offer a supportive and more nurturing environment.

I am once again amazed at the strength and support I receive from my family, especially Rudy, who has put up with me not feeling well, not being as active, and being a little emotional (at times). As I write, I am touched by his interest in the photos I brought home today (he is studying them carefully while enjoying a tofurky sandwich).

Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day has already swept past us, and this year's summer seems like it has gone by the fastest of any that I remember. Even as a child, when the return to school crept up so quickly, this passing summer does not compete. And it's been a difficult summer. With the sale of our house, we are now drifters until our new home is ready...possibly in mid-December.

It's been hard to post to my blog. I haven't spent any time gardening, with the exception of one small tomato plant that I purchased in late June that hasn't grown any taller than 18 inches! I haven't spent much time cooking either, despite the fact that we are house-sitting in a house with the most gourmet kitchen I've ever been in. It just isn't the same without your favorite pot and spatula, and you feel lost without the well-used baking sheets and bread pans.

The cats, too, have had their share of unpleasant activities. They have gotten to move into their new digs, to the joy of Happy and the despair of Mr. Slinky. Happy now owns the Estates house, while Mr. Slinky has been disgraced into occupying the lowest level of the house because of problems with the resident male cat, Morris, and a band of imposing raccoons.

Tonight, however, Mr. Slinky earned back his self-respect as a cat.

During a backyard barbeque, a family member brought along her dog, an aging Basset Hound. Now, this dog is accustomed to visiting the Estates house, the resident cat running away, and an unguarded cat food bowl. Well, tonight, after polishing off the cat food on the main level, he decided to investigate the smell of cat food from the lower level of the house (Basset Hounds have an incredible sense of smell). Remember who lives downstairs - and picture this. The clickety-clack of dog toenails tromping down hardwood stairs. Then a brief silence. And howl-howl-howl; the sound of a terrified dog and the very fast clickety-clack of dog toenails up the stairs. A few seconds later, the terrified hound was followed by what appeared to be a tornado of black fur, which then stopped and swatted at the yelping hound. Around and around the kitchen they ran, until a sympathic soul stepped in and removed the swirling black mass of fur and claws.

And Poirot the Basset Hound will never again venture down the stairs at Estates.